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Google Scholar is a platform which is available for the students if they want to search for scholarly literature. The students will be able to find information regarding a lot of things related to their school performance including books, abstracts, theses, and court opinions from professional societies, online repositories, academic publishers, universities, and other websites. The students will be able to get support if they want to find information regarding their classes and lectures. The students will be able to get all of the school related stuff at one place.

Tje students can get information regarding related works, citations, authors and publications. If you use Google scholar then you will be able to locate the complete document through your library or on the webpage. Recent developments are also available through this platform for the students who are doing extensive Research and you can also easily verify who is citing your publications according to the created public author profile. Ranking of the documents is also visible using the platform. The ranking is provided according to how much weighing the full text of each document, who it was written by, where it was published, as well as how often and how recently it has been cited in other scholarly literature.Google Scholar Citations

Google Scholar Citations

Google Scholar Citations will benefit the author so that they can keep track of their citations. The authors will be able to check the graph citations over time, who is citing your publications, and compute several citation metrics. The authors will be able to create public profiles that will be available in the search result of the people who are searching for their name. The people can easily set up their profile based upon the citations. You can also view your list of articles updated automatically or update the articles manually at any time, or review the articles updates yourself. Groups are also available at the platform. Citation Metrics are updated automatically.


For an individual author it is more likely to upload the paper to their website or share their link on their publication page. However, they must ensure that they include the full text of their paper in a pdf format that must and with an extension of .pdf. The title of the paper must appear in large font on the top of the first page and the name of the authors must be on the right corner of the page in a separate line. The product at your hosting in your article must be compatible with Google. The references must be added at the last section of the page which is known as the bibliography section.

You can use search robots if you want to search your paper. You can include it in Google Scholar within a duration of several weeks only. You can read the technical documentation keenly once again and check your institutional repository is either configured for indexing and upload your papers there. You can use established journal hosting services like Atypon and Highwire if you want to publish the journals on the website. You can host many journals on a single website using aggregators such as SciElo or JSTOR.

If you want to know whether or not full text indexing is supported in Google scholar then you will have to verify the details with your aggregator. But if you’re using technical expertise to manage your own website then you can easily use the Open Journal Systems software which is available at Power Knowledge Project. However, if you are managing your website yourself when you can use a smaller journal hosting service. You can read the terms and conditions yourself.


Google Scholar Metrics can be used by the authors to check all of the influence that the recent articles have made in scholarly publications. The software helps to aggregate the recent citations to many publications. The software also helps the authors to find the place where they can publish their new research. If we believe the h-index and h-median metrics, the people can browse for top 100 publications in several languages. You can use the h index number to check which articles cited the most and who cited them.

Publications will also be available for your research areas of your interest. You can browse publications in a broad area of research by choosing the areas which are available in the left column. Engineering & computer science and health & medical sciences are the areas. The publications are researchable by entering the words from their title on the research bar. Available metrics types are subsuming h-index, h-core, h-median, h5-index, h5-core, and h5-median. You can also search for abbreviated titles if you are not able to find the publication.

Publisher Support

Google Scholar will definitely boost the accessibility and visibility of the content from across the world.  It also maintains a healthy relationship with publishers of scholarly information to index peer-reviewed papers, abstracts, theses, articles, and technical reports from all disciplines of research areas. The content is then easily searchable on both Google and Google Scholar.


The library is helpful in reading and accessing the contents universally. It also makes it easier to access information from electronic and print media resources. The library is available in two ways such as library links and library search. The library links are available for article level links to subscription for full text. This will work phenomenal for electronic resources and journals and conference articles. However if you want to sign up for a library link then you will need an open URL compatible resolver. For that you must contact the concerned vendor. 

Library search will help the people so that they can get links to the book catalogues. The patron will be able to check the local availability of the book or request a library. This component is really beneficial for books or monographs. However, if you want to participate in this category then you will have to sign up for Union catalog which makes the bibliographic records available to the indexing system automatically. 

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